Amtrak Auto Train

This is a great option for those traveling the east coast needing a break in their trek from DC to Central Florida and visa versa. While 17 hours in duration it provides relief from the challenging I 95 maneuvering, is scenic, comfortable, and priced reasonably. The cost for car and one individual is approximately $300., and all arrangements can be made easily on line. There are also sleeper cars for additional cost.

As you drive up to the terminal a friendly Amtrak staff member greets you and your vehicle confirming reservation. Then a short distance later the car is taken by another friendly agent for housing in the railroad car.

This will be the last time the car is seen for 17 hours so take all your needs for the trip. Amtrak no longer serves dinner, however a hefty free continental breakfast is available in the morning.

Once in the station register at the desk for your assigned seat and relax till boarding is called. Though seats are assigned movement to available seats is allowed depending on availability.

And it’s already time to get on…

and away we go..

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