Super Bowl Sunday: Drag Queen Brunch

What a fun way to spend a Sunday. Thanks, Groupon. These Norfolk, Virginia “gals” really know how to entertain.

Panda of the Lip Gloss and Lashes troupe began the show by giving the rules:

  • Take as many pictures as you want.
  • Tipping is compulsory.
  • The more you drink the prettier we look, keep drinking.
  • Whenever possible tell us we look gorgeous, sensual, and breathtaking.

Here’s a peek at the gals in action starting with Miss Carma Bella:

On entrance, then up close and personal with a customer. Get a load of that eyeliner!

Next up Miss Amore Diamond..

Note: Wig and wigless.

What a wiggle and shake..

And if I only could have gotten a shot of the a-s on this gal. She should advertise thongs.

As the girls said it takes a lot to look this cheap, and yes, the more we drank the better they looked. So, go have a laugh and enjoy the show. It will be something you’ll never forget.

A few more parting shots:

Wonder what their shoe size is? Oh, yes that’s Kinky Boots.. Ha! Ha!

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