Valentine’s Day: A Primer

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love which occurs in most western countries. But, who actually was St. Valentine? In reality there are several, however, I tend to believe this theory knowing how ghastly early Christians were treated.

Emperor Claudius II in around 270 AD denied all Christians marriages as he needed men to go off to war. He felt married men would not wish to leave their wives.

St. Valentine, a priest, continued to marry Christians and when he was caught was imprisoned, dragged to his death, and beheaded. Most Auntie Google sources believe this occurred on February 14th. A true romantic Valentine had befriended his jailer’s daughter sending her a note prior to his demise, “From your Valentine,” thus beginning the tradition.

In today’s world Valentine’s Day costs individuals close to $200. with some restaurants upping their prices to reap the rewards of the “holiday.”

So, enjoy the day and do as I do … celebrate early or later, avoid the rush and save some cash.

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