Kid’s Day in Hampton, Va.

Started the day viewing planes and rockets at the Air Power Park on West Mercury Boulevard. This is a great place for kids to explore with many planes, and rockets to see outside as well as a play ground to get that energy out. There also is a wooden walking path over a nature preserve affording a nice walk for young and old.

Let’s start with the planes..

Then rockets..

This one is from the Mercury Program.

How did the astronauts ever fit in those capsules??

Final destination.. stop inside the museum with a children’s area and an exhibit on women in space. This is especially good for our young ladies to see as we need them in STEM careers.


After outer space travel I came back to Earth with the Blue Bird Gap Farm, another free venue enjoyed by both little and big kids, (parents). This spot also has a great playground.

Interesting birds..

A Great Horned Owl
A Red Hawk.

Walks to nature areas ..

Visits to farm animals..


And a museum..

What a fun place.

So, take your kids to these two places and enjoy as this big kid, (ME) did!

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