Adult Day in Hampton, VA.

Here’s what I’ve found for us big kids to do in Hampton, VA.

  • Rose’s – a new casino in town. Only has slots but a tasty diner in house. I won on my first play. 1996 Power Plant Parkway.
  • Outdoor World – make your guy happy and do a walk through. I was fascinated. Had always thought the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing was based on a bogus store. Who knew?? Right next door to Rosie’s.

And down the street a few short miles…

  • With antique stores…
  • Art Spots
  • The American Theatre with shows and music venues.

Or just walk around and through.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the restaurants..

Best Salmon I ever had at The Point at Phoebus.

And the next place I want to try….

Diablo’s for Mexican…

History of Phoebus

Phoebus began in 1607 with its English settlers naming it safe harbor, Cape Comfort. These were the defenders and artisans of Fort Algernourne, in future centuries to become Fort Monroe. Known as Mill Creek during the Revolutionary War British soldiers landed and plundered the town.

While Virginia was a confederate state union troops maintained this area and imprisoned the President of the Confederacy at Fort Monroe.

The town was incorporated in 1900 and took the name of a prominent citizen, Harrison Phoebus.

Now, that’s history… and a fascinating end to an adult day in Hampton.

Caveat: Today my daughter leaves Utah where she has worked the Sundance Film Festival for 3 months. Traveling through the Wild West concerns this mother as she will be journeying solo. I have asked her to be my guest blogger and report on her travels, so stay tuned. Also, please say a prayer for her safe drive. Appreciate this.


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