Amazon Lockers

As a travel nurse mail is probably one of the biggest challenges with this gig. When I was in rural Vermont the post office gal repeatedly returned my mail to New Jersey and New Jersey sent it back creating a loop. This was after completing all the appropriate forms. By the end of this ordeal I had to involve the Vermont postmaster to get things straightened out. Not all transactions can be done via the web and this nightmare continued 3 months after leaving Vermont.

Being an Amazon devotee it is difficult for me to live without this service. Working nights there is only time for sleep and travel. Who wants to spend hours in the store looking for items when at 3 a.m. you can pick it out and have it delivered in 3 to 5 days. Sorry to see the malls go but time is of the essence as well as price. And yes, I haven’t got the prime service as I still lament paying for television. These costs add up.

In exploring Ross today for an item needed in 8 hours, (a watch), I discovered Amazon lockers. The Ross staff knew minimal of them, however, did state people leave smiling after opening the lockers. Yes! This is for me. So, after much review and contemplation of the Shipping and Payment area of the Amazon site I successfully selected Ross in Hampton, VA., as my shipping site.

Will keep you posted.

Gosh, now I have two things to report on lemon trees and Amazon lockers. Have to start a list.

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