Hampton University

Hampton University began in 1868 through the efforts of General Samuel Chapman Armstrong, the son of missionaries, who joined the Union Army and was commander of black troops during the war. Under his guidance his command was distinguished on many fronts.

Post war he obtained funding from the American Missionary Association to purchase land on which he built Hampton Institute, a vocational school for blacks. For the next 25 years he continued his efforts at the Institute which eventually became Hampton University. The General had a simple philosophy that a good education rises from the head, hand, and heart.

Park benches with former prominent citizens

This University continues to thrive providing degree programs in business, liberal arts and education, engineering, technology, pharmacy, nursing, and science. It also provides an array of master’s and doctoral programs with approximately 6,000 students benefiting these programs. While predominantly known to be an African American college as I walked the campus there was much diversity.

Military cemetery on University grounds

View from the lawn of the administration buildings.

Tomorrow: The Hampton University Museum

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