Poll Survey

Photo by chepté cormani on Pexels.com

Had some free time today so volunteered at the Hampton, Virginia, Bloomberg campaign headquarters. Here I was given a burner phone and a listing of folks to call along with questions to ask of those contacted. While a new adventure it reminded me of the days when at 15 I made cold calls to Sears customers asking if they were considering a new appliance purchase. However, these matters are quite a bit more important.

We got a young one..

Looking at the demographics I understood why 90% did not answer the phone. Most over 60 only answer when they recognize the number. When I brought this up to the manager he stated we call them as they vote. Ahhhhh.. was my response.

Mike got 40% of the voters with 20% saying they were waiting till Super Tuesday, which is MARCH 3rd, for a decision. Somehow one call went to a republican and she talked my ear off about the evils of my party and, “Who does that Nancy Pelosi think she is?” I listened, bit my tongue and was surprised to learn she was concerned about global warming considering her choice.

Leaving with a t shirt, 2 bumper stickers, and a lawn sign I felt rewarded and equipped to move my candidates agenda along.


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