Mike B. talk at the Quilt Show

Attended the Mid -Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Va., at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. This is the largest quilt show on the Eastern Seaboard and continues through Sunday 10-4, admission $13.

While there wearing my Mike B t- shirt, and button I was stopped by 4 different women saying they agreed with me and were going to vote for Mike.

Mail in your ballot.

They knew of his gun control, climate change, and the myriad of other items he has been instrumental in “getting done.” They lamented about the current tenant of the White House.

Interesting sentiments.

I updated them on Mike’s new proposal, the Greenwood Intiative, which will assist blacks in obtaining housing and starting businesses, and his ideas for us seniors.

Women: Be Fearless

When I worked for the New York State Prison System I had statewide responsibility, traveling to the 71 prisons at that time. During this period Hillary was running for senate. Many females working in the prison system were married to correction officers. They lamented how their husband stated, “We aren’t voting for a woman,” however, they did, and lent a deaf ear to their husband’s direction.

The quilt show had many women of history done in quilts. A must see. Nice job.

As I work the phones at Bloomberg headquarters I hear this again and again. “My husband hasn’t decided yet,” and it saddens me. Ladies you need to think of your best interests as well as for your children.

No one is watching you when you vote.

Exercise your right as a citizen to do the right thing.

Our democracy is at stake.

Mike will get it done. Vote Bloomberg on Super Tuesday.

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