My View: The Democratic Candidates

Let’s laugh….

BS – initials serve him well with his great smile and theatrics to block reality. Has that like ability factor going for him but achieved what as a senator? 7 laws 2 of which named buildings. Everybody’s great grandpa. Keep the distraction going with your screams and arm swinging.

Liz Warren. – amazing Harvard professor even taught the young Kennedy in the House. Policies liberal-and voice like chalk scratching a blackboard. Has a great dog and skin is beautiful with her secret, moisturize, no soap.

Mayor Pete – brilliant but DC would eat him alive. Needs 10 to 15 years with a federal job in DC with the snakes. Done good with Bloomberg classes given for mayors. Another Mike B donation to America.

Amy K. – great ideas but sadly you are a woman and Lady In Waiting. Unsure if we’ll see a women in the White House in my lifetime or yours. In the meantime keep plugging and cut singing the torch song about relatives.

Joe Biden – love you man but you are another Tr victim. While the impeachment was appropriate it tarnished your gold shield. Great Vice President and what an amazing First Lady we would have had.

And what do they all have in common?

They can’t beat Donald Trump.


Mike Bloomberg can.

He’s a leader, businessman, mayor, philanthropist, and private citizen. We need his experience.


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