Amazon Lockers

As a travel nurse mail is probably one of the biggest challenges with this gig. When I was in rural Vermont the post office gal repeatedly returned my mail to New Jersey and New Jersey sent it back creating a loop. This was after completing all the appropriate forms. By the end of this ordeal I had to involve the Vermont postmaster to get things straightened out. Not all transactions can be done via the web and this nightmare continued 3 months after leaving Vermont.

Being an Amazon devotee it is difficult for me to live without this service. Working nights there is only time for sleep and travel. Who wants to spend hours in the store looking for items when at 3 a.m. you can pick it out and have it delivered in 3 to 5 days. Sorry to see the malls go but time is of the essence as well as price. And yes, I haven’t got the prime service as I still lament paying for television. These costs add up.

In exploring Ross today for an item needed in 8 hours, (a watch), I discovered Amazon lockers. The Ross staff knew minimal of them, however, did state people leave smiling after opening the lockers. Yes! This is for me. So, after much review and contemplation of the Shipping and Payment area of the Amazon site I successfully selected Ross in Hampton, VA., as my shipping site.

Will keep you posted.

Gosh, now I have two things to report on lemon trees and Amazon lockers. Have to start a list.

The American Dream?

As a nurse one sees and hears many stories. Some are tragic, others heartwarming, and it can be a roller coaster ride. With HIPPA legislation privacy is key and personally I am grateful for that. Since I have been a nurse for 44 years I was always HIPPA compliant even before the law. It provides a good cover for busy bodies asking things out of curiosity allowing health care folks a way out gracefully.

That said today I wish to mention something in HIPPA compliant fashion with anonymity. Recently I admitted a homeless, middle aged man. He had a crack habit of $200 per day. In this admission he hopes to get straight, find housing, and once again be a productive member of society.

In speaking further with the gentlemen I inquired as to how he can afford his addiction. “I pan handle,” he flatly responded. I never realized what a lucrative career this was. While not a fan of pan handlers and one who usually gives donations of food since I carry snacks in my car I began to wonder,

“Are we supporting a drug habit when we donate to pan handlers?”

Hard questions, no easy answers.

Lemon Trees Very Pretty

and the lemon flower is sweet.

This Peter, Paul, and Mary song resonates as I write this passage. In Florida my neighbor has a beautiful lemon tree in her front yard. As I admired it she relayed the story of the tree. Years ago her friend, a world traveler, received a bough from a lemon tree in the Vatican garden. The bough was brought to America and has produced many offspring. Of course this occurred prior to TSA rules and scrutiny.

This year my friend graced me with several lemons and over 50 seeds have been planted. And as the song states the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat, but it sure is fun watching those seedlings grow.

Anyone interested in a tree?

What is President’s Day?

The third Monday in February is designated as the President’s Day holiday. Originally and officially developed to honor George Washington, The Father of our Country, it branched out to include Abraham Lincoln. Currently, most Americans consider the holiday to be a celebration of all United States President’s lives.

It is a government paid holiday for all those working in the public sector as well as some in the private work force.

On financial side many sales occur during this holiday. Some schools, government entities, and businesses organize events to celebrate the holiday.

The holiday began in 1880 celebrated first in Washington D.C. Officially it became a federal holiday in 1885 under legislation called Washington Birthday, therefore, the holiday will always be officially known according to that name. Under federal government policy holidays are named according to the name of the law.

Adult Day in Hampton, VA.

Here’s what I’ve found for us big kids to do in Hampton, VA.

  • Rose’s – a new casino in town. Only has slots but a tasty diner in house. I won on my first play. 1996 Power Plant Parkway.
  • Outdoor World – make your guy happy and do a walk through. I was fascinated. Had always thought the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing was based on a bogus store. Who knew?? Right next door to Rosie’s.

And down the street a few short miles…

  • With antique stores…
  • Art Spots
  • The American Theatre with shows and music venues.

Or just walk around and through.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the restaurants..

Best Salmon I ever had at The Point at Phoebus.

And the next place I want to try….

Diablo’s for Mexican…

History of Phoebus

Phoebus began in 1607 with its English settlers naming it safe harbor, Cape Comfort. These were the defenders and artisans of Fort Algernourne, in future centuries to become Fort Monroe. Known as Mill Creek during the Revolutionary War British soldiers landed and plundered the town.

While Virginia was a confederate state union troops maintained this area and imprisoned the President of the Confederacy at Fort Monroe.

The town was incorporated in 1900 and took the name of a prominent citizen, Harrison Phoebus.

Now, that’s history… and a fascinating end to an adult day in Hampton.

Caveat: Today my daughter leaves Utah where she has worked the Sundance Film Festival for 3 months. Traveling through the Wild West concerns this mother as she will be journeying solo. I have asked her to be my guest blogger and report on her travels, so stay tuned. Also, please say a prayer for her safe drive. Appreciate this.


Kid’s Day in Hampton, Va.

Started the day viewing planes and rockets at the Air Power Park on West Mercury Boulevard. This is a great place for kids to explore with many planes, and rockets to see outside as well as a play ground to get that energy out. There also is a wooden walking path over a nature preserve affording a nice walk for young and old.

Let’s start with the planes..

Then rockets..

This one is from the Mercury Program.

How did the astronauts ever fit in those capsules??

Final destination.. stop inside the museum with a children’s area and an exhibit on women in space. This is especially good for our young ladies to see as we need them in STEM careers.


After outer space travel I came back to Earth with the Blue Bird Gap Farm, another free venue enjoyed by both little and big kids, (parents). This spot also has a great playground.

Interesting birds..

A Great Horned Owl
A Red Hawk.

Walks to nature areas ..

Visits to farm animals..


And a museum..

What a fun place.

So, take your kids to these two places and enjoy as this big kid, (ME) did!

Valentine’s Day: A Primer

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love which occurs in most western countries. But, who actually was St. Valentine? In reality there are several, however, I tend to believe this theory knowing how ghastly early Christians were treated.

Emperor Claudius II in around 270 AD denied all Christians marriages as he needed men to go off to war. He felt married men would not wish to leave their wives.

St. Valentine, a priest, continued to marry Christians and when he was caught was imprisoned, dragged to his death, and beheaded. Most Auntie Google sources believe this occurred on February 14th. A true romantic Valentine had befriended his jailer’s daughter sending her a note prior to his demise, “From your Valentine,” thus beginning the tradition.

In today’s world Valentine’s Day costs individuals close to $200. with some restaurants upping their prices to reap the rewards of the “holiday.”

So, enjoy the day and do as I do … celebrate early or later, avoid the rush and save some cash.

Feng Shui: Valentine Magic

Photo by on

As Valentine’s Day is 4 short days away here are a few Feng Shui tips to spice up the bedroom. And for those disbelievers try one of the tips, but prepare yourself for magic.

  • Have artwork that is romantic, coupled or with a theme of “2” in your bedroom. No singles or solitary pics of flowers, peoples, or any other entity. How I hate those pictures of solitary beach chairs. Get rid of them!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Remove photos of kids, family, and friends in your boudoir. This is the spot for only pictures of the two of you.
  • Keep your bedroom clean, free from clutter, dirty clothes, exercise equipment, televisions, computers, and the like. No kitty litter.
  • Buy fresh sheets, luxurious bedding.
  • Are your night stands paired? This is the next step…

Keep me posted on your results.

Fort Monroe – The Freedom Fort and/or The Gibraltar of the Chesapeake

Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, is a national treasure rich in history. The site began with Fort Algernon, (or Algernourne), in the Virginia colony in 1609, predating Jamestown. In this valuable site over 50 lived in a wooden encampment with several cannons for protection until 1611 when fire raised most of the structures. Later in 1619 slaves arrived on the site from a Portuguese slave ship. This was the first documented slave sale on American soil.

Various structures appeared on the site from 1609 to 1749 then in 1849 the permanent structure of Fort Monroe was begun. The Fort is named in honor of President Monroe and took 15 years for completion.

Many well known individuals passed through Fort Monroe with Robert E. Lee residing here from 1831-1843 with his wife, Mary Custis Lee.

Lee was in charge of placing the finishing touches on the Fort and also Fort Wool, which was formerly Fort Calhoun. He was a West Point graduate trained as an engineer. Here is their actual home and a museum representation of their living quarters.

Lee later became the future confederate general. His wife was related to George and Martha Washington. Their first child was born at Fort Monroe.

Lincoln stayed here during the Civil War when he was assisting with military actions.

A cannon was named in his honor.

Edgar Allen Poe was a soldier at the Fort for 4 months. He was discharged from service after his tour.

President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy was imprisoned for 2 years.

President Jefferson Davis Gate given in his honor by the Women of the Confederacy.

The fort is known as a casemate fort. Casemates are fortified gun positions. Here is a museum depiction.

Monroe is a “star fort” in shape and six sided. It is surrounded by a moat 50 to 25 feet across and currently 3 to 5 feet in depth.

Much military memorabilia is exhibited in the Fort Monroe Casemate Museum.

Fort Monroe was known as the Freedom Fort as black slaves escaped to the Fort since it was Union held. Over 900 sought sanctuary in Fort Monroe during the Civil War with more than 200,000 blacks serving.

Fort Monroe continued to serve as a Fort training soldiers in artillery for both World War I and II. In 1960 it was deemed a National Landmark, however, the Army Band continued to use the site for training until 1973. In 2011, under the Obama administration, it was officially deactivated as a base.

Present Day Fort Monroe

Today the beautiful homes on the grounds are leased.

There remains a YMCA, library, churches, a beautiful beach, and a lighthouse.

And even a pet cemetery.

The area provides scenic walkways and is a multi faceted community with much to offer.

And after all this are you hungry? Try The Deadrise for delicious fish meals and views of the sea.

What a wonderful place to live!