Trump ads for Bernie Sanders

I can hear the Tr ads of hate if BS gets the Dem nod. He’ll confuse socialism with communism threatening BS will make us all commies. That will ensure 4 more years of Trump bad decisions. Fear sells.

That’s why we need Mike B. as our Democratic candidate.

Capitalism works.

We need a real candidate for this election to help solve our issues. Enough craziness. Climate change is here with horrific snowstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes. Mike is special envoy to the UN for climate change. He’s spent millions to keep us involved internationally in this crisis.

With gun control he began Moms against Gun Violence, increased health care reach to NYC citizens, the Greenwood Initiative for blacks, plans for seniors to stay in their homes.. Mike has plans for all of these.

Mike knows what to do and can get it done.

Give him your vote on Super Tuesday.

We need him. Give him a call.

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