Tr Security: What does it cost US?

  • Conservative judges.
  • Wall Funding.
  • He made $333 million extra when he passed that new federal income tax law.
  • Security Coverage – exorbitant cost and American taxpayers are blocked from this information. Here’s my numbers for a couple NYC properties he owns.

On my recent NYC visit I passed “the tower.” Surrounding it were 4 police spires all manned. After counting 12 police vehicles in all shapes and sizes I stopped counting.. Each vehicle would have 2 officers so at least 24 a shift plus 4 towers with relief, another 8 officers. We are up to 32 officers, then as I past the street entrance to the lobby another 2 officers were at this entrance in riot gear. Do the math and round up, 35 officers x 3 shifts =105 cops for someone who isn’t even there.

Then I walked to Columbus Circle where Trump International Hotel lies, 6 vehicles using the same staffing ratio 2 per car making 12 per shift x 3 shifts = 36 cops.

Sum it up 36 + 105 = 141

Cops with overtime make 100 a year easily


141 x 100,000. = 14 million to guard 2 properties

Multiply this by the rest of the “family” and we’re probably into the billions. We should probably have the Army cover as it would be cheaper.

Caveat: Betsy Voss, billionaire and education czar who cancels all those Obama loan relief programs for students.. her security cost $26 million over 4 years. That’s a lot of student loans we could cancel. What a waste.

It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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