The Grunge Look

The other night on Stephen Colbert Keith Urban was a guest. He came out looking like a homeless person, in fact most of the homeless folk I care for as a psychiatric nurse look better than he did. Then the tatoos, he doesn’t have an inch of body skin uncovered. But, back to the get-up… and one question to his wife, Nicole Kidman, a woman of elegance and glamor:

“Couldn’t you get this guy a clean t-shirt and jeans?”

While I know this is the “style” of these music folks and perhaps these ratty clothes cost more than my entire wardrobe, style says something about a person. It is your face to the world. I’m glad the homeless folk I care for understand this, perhaps they are on their way to recovery. Keith take the hint and Nicole get on the stick.

Something to think about… and as always,

“It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.”

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