To New York City

Started the journey on a snowy Virginia night. Learned quickly Virginia doesn’t take to snow. All in town was closed. This was an omen. The Greyhound trip from Hampton to Richmond was a civilized 1 1/2 hour trek with a no-nonsense female driver. Grateful for structure and order, unlike the Chinese bus, I settled in and caught a few winks.

Once in Richmond a busy Greyhound station was discovered. With this was friendly staff but a dirty facility with disgusting bathrooms and an unsavory restaurant. Greyhound needs to make an effort to make these places hygienic and pleasant. Perhaps a few plants?

With the snowy conditions the wait increased from 1 hour 45 to 3 hours 15 due to bus maintenance and cleaning. Snowy conditions, (2 inches), added to the delays, however, the next bus driver was also courteous and efficient making haste to New York City once all boarded.

Our only stop was breakfast at the Biden Center in Delaware. This was a new “green” rest stop with contemporary food venues, clean facilities, and a wealth of free Delaware travel brochures. Here JFK opened I-95, our nation’s longest north to south interstate stretching 1,920 miles from Maine to Florida crossing 15 states.

Yippee … on to NYC with ETA 0900…

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