New York City Arrival: Day I Winter Visit 2020

Upon arrival at the 42nd St. Terminal I scurried to the subway on the next level taking the train to Canal St., Chinatown. Once on Canal Street a cold and sunny day met me. Seeking out a massage venue one was quickly located on Baxter St. across from the Church of the Holy Blood. Here Miss Jenny recommended the 30 minute foot rub and 30 minute back massage for $45. As usual it was amazing and Miss Jenny was rewarded with a generous tip. What fun.

Church of the Holy Blood

Lit candles and said prayers said for those I love.

Next was food which was nearby, reasonable, and tasty. For $6 had the lunch box special which was 3 selections inclusive of rice and soup. This included carrot soup, fried rice, a chicken, pork, and fish selection. The cup from the soup proved handy as what I couldn’t consume was placed there for later dining.

And then dessert… oh those almond cookies are sublime.

On to the Morgan Library…

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