Morgan Library

For some reason emails regarding this museum have been gracing my inbox for the past 6 months. Having never been there decided this was a message to visit. Glad I did as it is an amazing collection. Hooking on with a docent giving a tour to students of the NYC School of Visual Arts I learned much more than rambling solo through the Museum, but let’s start with a little about “the man.”

JP Morgan was a dominant Wall Street financier of the Gilded Age. He was instrumental in forming the US Steel Corporation, International Harvester, General Electric, and held interests in AT&T, Western Union, and 24 railroads. Born to a prominent Connecticut family, as a child he acquired Rheumatic Fever and was sent to Europe for recovery. Here he became fluent in French and German which contributed to his international business acumen. Said to have helped shape and transform the American economy some say he was America’s greatest banker.

At the time of his death he was worth $118 million with $50 million of that wealth in his art collection. So, let’s start with that..

The home is quite impressive with it’s foyer and ceilings.

The library is a work of art with statutes, fireplaces, and elaborate architecture. The Morgan collection includes 3 of the remaining 49 Gutenberg Bibles.

St Elizabeth
Gutenberg Bible
Library fireplace and tapestry

Mr. Morgan’s office.

His desk where it all happened, if only desks could talk..

Since his office was on street level he had stained glass installed on the windows.

The Museum has much to offer with rotating collections every 6 months, concerts, talks by experts, and a pleasant dining area. Glad I received their emails and will definitely stop again.

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