The Phantom of the Opera and Agrippina

Today was a combination of theater and opera with Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and Agrippina at the Met.

Phantom is based on a novel by Gaston Leroux, from the early 1900’s. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Charles Hart converted the story into a play and it has famously been running ever since. The music and story line are strong and beautifully sung by Broadway royalty in this production and the ticket prices through are reasonable.

Evening entertainment was Agrippina, a newly updated opera of Handel from the 19th century. It portrays governmental intrigue of ancient Rome. The voices were astonishing and astounding, however I found the 4 hour performance difficult to follow. Sung in Italian the English translation on the seat captions were difficult to view. In the past they Met posted these above stage making the opera easier to follow.

I need to write to the Met about this. Ha! Ha!

The main temptress in the story.

Those in the audience oohed and ahhed in glee over the performance with the Met filled to capacity. March 7th the performance closed but for opera buffs there is always another year.

Stay tuned: Tomorrow, Four Freedoms State Park and Six, The Musical.

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