Budapest Festival Orchestra at Lincoln Center David Geffen Hall

What an amazing night at Lincoln Center with this orchestra. Starting the evening with the pre-concert lecture helped to make sense of the symphony components. In the lecture given by Christopher H. Gibbs of Bard College, he explained the symphony movements and how they related to Mahler’s life. Included in Professor Gibbs handout was the Mahler worksheet for the symphony.

Pretty facinating isn’t it?

Gustav Mahler was a leading conductor of his generation. He was director of the Vienna Opera House and later worked for the New York Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic.

While primarily a full time conductor he composed during his summer breaks. His symphony this evening portrays the death of a family member which he lamented. After this piece was completed Mahler experienced the death of one of his children.

Budapest Festival Orchestra with conductor Ivan Fischer

Besides concerts, operas, ballets, and plays, Lincoln Center offers tours of their facilities. The New York Philharmonic also has tickets for Open Rehearsals.

This concludes my New York City visit and pardon the pun, but what a note to end on.

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