China: Come Clean

Looking at the Chinese coronavirus stats I ponder the reality of their information. Three years ago when visiting tour guides reported that 450 die weekly from respiratory concerns due to air pollution. Now with a pandemic only 3,261 deaths as of several hours ago with population of 1.4 billion, (2017) ?.

U.S. investigative reporters have been tossed from China. Last week an internet story stated China’s crematoriums are working overtime and 50,000 have died from the virus. As a nurse these figures make sense to me. No longer can find the story.

Whatever the case, these numbers are beyond sadness and not meant to scare but to wake us up as Americans. We need to follow state and local public officials guidance as the feds have lost credibility and to:

Wash your hands, do the distancing, stay home.

Protect yourself.

Standing together we will conquer this.

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