Pasture Point Hampton, Virginia

Having driven past this park several times I decided to stop and what an interesting find. This Park is home to Pasture Point, one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Hampton, Virginia. Part of a plantation owned by Englishman Miles Carey in the 1600’s, it borders on the Hampton River, and Bright’s Creek. The Creek was later known as Pasture Track with grazing cattle and a surrounding orchard.

If Miles could only see his lands now.

During the Revolutionary War homes in the area served as winter quarters for French officers participating in the battle of Yorktown.

Beautiful homes still grace this area.

In the following century seafood businesses began in the area with subdivisions developing neighborhoods. Some of the Victorian homes of the era remain.

Pasture Point was known as a streetcar suburb during the 1900’s due to the presence of a streetcar line. Prominent and regular folk of all colors lived here.

Wonder what the revolutionary war figures would think of this bridge?

So, during corona isolation stop by those places that you often drive by.

You certainly will learn something of value.

Caveat: Historical information from plaques at the Park. Thanks.

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