Things to Do During Lock Down #1

In a former life I was a New York State Prison administrator for 13 years. Traveling the state charged with the responsibility of prison health records in the then 71 prisons I saw much of the state and prison life. Lock down is a prison term so am coining it here on a positive note with ideas for things to do during this challenging time.

  • Read
  • Color
  • Museums on line. Check out the Morgan in New York City. Know there are many more, explore and let me know.
  • Grow plants – Herbs are amazing to watch as they grow quickly. A $4 Dollar Tree purchase can get you started. Needed: a planter, bag of garden soil, seeds, plus a sunny window. Parsley, oregano, basil, sage, and dill are the easiest to grow.
  • ======================================================== Kids would love this project. Make it a fun way to learn. Have them figure out recipes for the herbs, how to best cultivate soil for herb growth, re potting herbs, natural ways to insecticide, herbs of the world or which herbs are best for health, cleaning, etc…
Using the seed packets to label where the seed are planted.
Dill and Sweet Basil with Lemon Tree from seed growing in background.

More Dill, Sweet Basil and Oregano. There are many seeds in a packet. Mail extra seeds to friends and have them start gardens. Use a tweezer to take each individual seed for planting. They are little creatures.

Another idea: A blog about your experience or science project for school?.

  • The lemon tree seed came from my neighbor Shirley. Years ago, pre-TSA, a friend brought a lemon tree bough from a Vatican garden. Since then the lemon bough has produced many trees. Currently, I have 5 trees growing from the lemons of her tree. It takes a bit more time but worth the wait. Plant many of the lemon seeds to ensure several plantings.
From the top.. Lemon trees growing, the brown spot is egg shells used to fertilize soil.
Lemon Trees side view.

  • Am reading The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. She is a screenwriter, and what a brilliant gal. The whole family is with her bro James Cameron, Titanic director. Each week there are exercises. This week was to listen to music and doodle. How relaxing. Thanks, Julia. Give it a whirl.

  • Collages – another Julia Cameron idea. Get those old magazines out, tear them up and paste them on newsprint or cardboard. Then decorate. A bit messy but what fun!
  • U Tube music. They have a tune for every need – to wake, sleep, study, eat by, exercise by. Also, have some of the major artists and rock stars. Explore it.
  • Pierre, of the French Moments web site sent more photos of France. Sadly, several of his close friends have died due to the virus in France, so make sure to stay indoors, wash your hands, cover your mouth when sneezing or sneeze into your elbow. Protect yourself!
  • Take a drive and enjoy nature. Here’s some of my favorite Virginia trees. Virginia sure has some beauties in the spring. Once the pandemic passes come visit.

Wish I knew what the name of these trees were, how to grow them, where to buy them with the best price… Gosh, another thing to do.

Next week: Eating right during lock down with low calories.

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