The Chrysler Museum of Art: Glass Studio

What a great place for a visit post pandemic. This was my first stop and future Chrysler Museum blogs will follow as the museum and its collection is immense.

Kids will adore the glass studio and museum. It is a must see.

Chrysler certainly must have sold many cars to have afforded such a collection :). What a gift with the museum being entirely free. Thanks, Walter P. Chrysler, Jr., for your generosity, and to his wife Jean who encouraged him to gift his 30,000 works to the City of Norfolk.

The glass studio is a workshop as well as a museum. They have affordable classes for all levels of glass blowers in their studios. Looks like much fun.

On the museum side at the glass studio there were many interesting pieces on display.

House of Cards made of glass.
Bacon Cheeseburger
Elegant water pitcher

The Chrysler Museum of Art across the street is home to one of the largest glass collections in the world. They have over 10,000 pieces of glass from 3,000 years of history.

Besides Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.’s collection many bequests have been donated to the museum. My favorite:

To Follow: The Munch Exhibit, The Chrysler Art Museum…

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