Chrysler Museum Exhibit: Edvard Munch

This Norwegian based artist exhibition was a first for the Chrysler Museum and did Munch proud. Best known for his picture, The Scream, Munch was a multi-faceted talent working in etchings, lithographs, and wood cuts.

Fifty of his works were borrowed from The Washington D.C. National Gallery for this exhibit and let’s hope the exhibit extends so more visitors can capture this unique collection.

Munch was a tortured individual with the early loss of his mother, sister, and later tragic romances. He was institutionalized at one point in his life for alcoholism and anxiety. The portrait below is of his psychiatrist.

Dr. Daniel Jacobsen

While viewing the exhibit suddenly drums began to play and ballet began. This was a first for me to experience in this setting and enjoyable. The dance modeled Munch’s problematic romantic history.

And round the corner from the Munch exhibit was a new addition to the Museum, the Pinocchio images of Jim Dine. Stop and see.

Tomorrow: More Chrysler Museum Art.

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