New York State Needs Health Care Workers

This was the plea in Governor Cuomo’s email last week. I kept the email and pondered about going north to help. Today I applied to their survey. Unsure if they want a 63 year old nurse with 45 years of experience currently working psych, however, I applied anyway. We shall see. Was going to extend my contract in Virginia but quite frankly they are dragging their feet so guess they don’t want me. Their loss.

New York has done much for me. Besides being my state of birth it’s schools and colleges have given me the ability to live a comfortable life as a single woman. I feel indebted. Also, I have been raised on Rockefeller and Cuomo governorships which has contributed to my ethics and boldness. Maybe someday we’ll have a female Cuomo governor as Andrew has 3 girls. They are half Kennedy so public service is in their genes. Wouldn’t that be nice? I digress but am hopeful.

Back to my message.. if you are a health care worker and feel the need to give back to fellow Americans here is the web site of the survey.

Maybe I’ll meet you there.

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