Isle Royale National Park

by Lisa Aryhaud

This Park is on a remote island in Lake Superior. To access the Park one must arrive by boat or seaplane. There are commercial services available in Michigan and Minnesota for transport to the island. Wilderness, natural resources and beautiful scenery make this Park a treasure.

Don’t know about you but I’m adding this to my wish list.

Sounds amazing.

Scammers Take No Vacation

As I signed on to Yahoo a message appeared. Someone in Viet Nam had signed on to my account. After notifying Yahoo it wasn’t me I was angered.

Why now?

However what better time? During this pandemic we need to maintain our financial as well as physical health and be vigilant warding off the nefarious. Change passwords frequently and take care with all transactions. Conduct business on sites with a https:, as the “s” means secure, and look for the padlock next to the sign on.

One final suggestion.. Check monetary sites and see how your finances are going. Make adjustments as needed.

Personal safety includes financial concerns during this time.

Locks in front of Sacre Coeur Church, Montmartre, France.

How I miss traveling…

Amtrak Return

Writing this while waiting for the Amtrak Car Train departure to Sanford, Florida. There are 15 people in the Lorton, Va. terminal. Driving up at 1:30 p.m., I was greeted by an attendant who knew my name. This was a first.

Walking into the station it was the same treatment with the man behind the desk calling me by name and telling me that my boarding pass was on the desk.

When making these arrangements I thought either the train would be to capacity or empty. Sad to see the later I located a power plug for the computer and asked the 2 other patrons nearby if they minded that I listen to on line mass. They said not.

Then a heavy woman about 75 with an angry look on her face which she was stuffing with candy stated, ” You know this is all a hoax. My son is a doctor in New York City and no one is at those hospitals they built.” She continued to loudly state things and as she looked at me I almost thought she was going to hit me she was so angered. I moved to not see or hear her further. She fit the physical demeanor of a Trump voter and wanting to jest, “Did you vote for Trump?,” I decided against, fearful she would actually hit me then.

Unable to locate the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception mass on my computer was a relief. Last week’s mass had 15 in the choir ranging in age from 65 to 80 singing, (unmasked) and in the pews it was the same deal.

The Denver, Colorado mass had a priest, cantor, reader, altar boy, and no congregation. All four participants had much distance between them. Grateful, I breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks, God.

One more sigh of relief… the angry lady isn’t in my train car.


Stephen Colbert: The Career

Back when working in New York City a patient came into our psychiatric unit from Iowa stating she had a job with Stephen Colbert. Well, she didn’t but had a psychiatric break in Grand Central Station. Unaware of her bogus future employer I inquired of my fellow nurses, “Who is Stephen Colbert?” They looked at me in awe. That was 2010 and since I have become a follower.

So…let’s start there…… “Who is Stephen Colbert?”

Stephen was born May 13, 1964 in Washington D.C.. He was one of 11 children born to Dr. James William Colbert, an immunologist and infectious disease specialist, and Lorna Elizabeth Tuck, his childhood sweetheart.

Post D.C. the family moved to South Carolina where Dr. Colbert was 1st Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Medical University of South Carolina. Sadly, he died in a plane crash along with two of his sons in 1974. Stephen was 10 years old and the youngest of the children.

The family is of Irish descent though Stephen pronounces Colbert with an French twist. His ancestors came to America during the Great Famine in Ireland. They are Catholics.

He began his college education with little desire studying philosophy at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. There his interest in acting began and he transferred to Northwestern University in Chicago to study theater.

Stephen is a lover of sci-fi and fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons. This may be what led him to improvisation. After college graduation and needing employment he worked the Second City Improv Group box office. Taking the free coursework offered to employees he found an interest. Later he joined their touring company as Steve Carell’s understudy.

After several other jobs he landed at the ill fated Dana Carvey Show which he wrote and produced. The Daily Show noted his work and picked him up for their venue. In 2005 came The Colbert Report and in 2015 the Late Show with Stephen Colbert replacing the slot once held by the retiring David Letterman.

Along the way he married Evelyn, “Evie,” McGee and had 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Whew! What a rise for such an extraordinary talent. Thanks for all the laughs.

Cabin Fever Cooking

This week I cabin fever cooked. While it wasn’t actually all cooking it was something being done in the kitchen. Since I am addicted to watermelon juice I purchased 6 mini melons and began production. This production is serious and translates into 30 or more plastic containers being filled and frozen.

While doing this I discovered a new friend, no not Mike Pence or Donald Trump as seen on my laptop but John Oliver. Though I don’t like Brits demeaning our government, even though it is crazed, John Oliver is okay since he became an American last month. Why he selected to do this I will never know. If I was he, I would loudly say, “NOOO…,” however he has been working on this for over 10 years and the time had come. He is amazingly funny and I now have 2 funny guys in my repertoire, Stephen and John.

Back to watermelon juice production. Here’s the final step filling the cups for work. The smaller containers are already stashed.

Next was peanut butter production. Since the recipe has been given before in former blogs there is no need to repeat. The new blender (Oster, no monetary reward received), works swimmingly. And I now have 10 containers of peanut butter in the frig.

Oatmeal was another item on the list to be made. Using an enormous pot I add nuts, rose petals, (make sure no insecticide on the petals), dark chocolate, nuts, cinnamon, blueberry/strawberry mix, and milk to the oatmeal.

The final items on the cooking frenzy list was brussel sprouts with bacon and fish dishes. All set for almost a month at least for breakfast. 🙂

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Great Smoky Mountains

At the 2020 Hampton Quilt Show there was a display of quilts depicting our beautiful National Parks. For the next 5 few weeks I will be showcasing these quilts and describing the Park the quilt is based on. Sadly, I did not capture all the creators of these works of arts so please forgive.

by Mary Ellen Hardin Simmons

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is shared by the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. It encompasses 522,419 acres had 11 million visitors in 2018. It is our most visited national park.

Besides being a national park the park also holds the honor of being a Worldwide Unesco site. President Franklin Delano welcomed the park into the National Park System in 1940.

The Park has numerous trails, challenging climbs, and scenic drives. Visit the following web site prior to visit:

And start your tour at the Sugarland Visitor Center.


Michelle Obama

From the Hampton, Virginia Quilt Show

What can be said about our former First Lady which has not already been said? Tireless worker for females promoting girl’s education world wide, working to change American children’s eating and exercise habits, helping military families, and even planting a Victory Garden at the White House.

She is also the author of her White House memoir, Becoming, which became the best selling hard cover book of 2018. Currently, she reads weekly every Monday at noon to America’s children on “Mondays with Michelle Obama,” which is found at PBS KIDS’ Facebook and YouTube, as well as Penguin Random House’s Facebook.

Keep going, Michelle.

The American National Park Service

The National Park Service, (NPS), began in 1872 as the United States National Park System from a single reservation known as Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park

The actual National Park Service began as the brainchild of Theodore Roosevelt who during his Presidency annexed 5 national parks. He also broadened the Antiquities Act of 1906 enabling succeeding Presidents to annex other landmarks and historical structures as national monuments.

The National Park Service is one of Theodore Roosevelt’s strongest legacy. He was honored as one of the faces gracing The Mount Rushmore National Park. He is known as the greatest conservationist president.

Photo by Pixabay on