Chrysler Art Museum

The Chrysler Art Museum begins on the grounds with fascinating sculptures,

extending to a garden in memory of those lost in conflict,

till arrival at the main entrance.

What a spectacular spot.

The foyer is massed with flags and greenery and on this day dancers are performing.

There are areas for children to learn and explore.

The Museum’s art date back to the origins of mankind. In the Egyptian area the next to the sarcophagus is a short and interesting video about Egyptian embalming and their thoughts regarding afterlife. Note the quality of the sarcophagus and the etchings in the stone. This is a rare find.

Next stop is Greek and Roman statutes. Chrysler certainly had an eye for art with the quality works he selected.

On to African Art..

Then to Silk Road with a map of the location and Chinese Porcelains indigenous to the era and area..

The second floor collection houses European and American Art from the 12th to the 21st century. There also is a changing photography exhibit and focus area. Here’s a peek at some of the second floor treasures.

Some comic relief with Kehinde Wiley 20th century painting, St. Andrew, 1977, between two religious works of centuries prior.

Dutch and Flemish Masters

With a little Italian added to the mix,

as well as French..

Henri Matisse, painter and sculptor. “What I dream of is an art of balance.”

Tomorrow: Finishing the tour in America.

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