The Chrysler Paintings: Personal Favorites

More for your enjoyment..


Composition for La Bal de la Mer – idea came from costume balls Picasso and wife attended.

Another Picasso art form…While summering in the south of France Picasso admired a local pottery factory. He began working with them and for the next 25 years developed over 600 designs for vases, plates, and jugs. Aren’t they beautiful?

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Coco, his daughter
The Daughters of Durand-Ruel
Trees on a River Edge

Camille Pissaro

The Maidservant

Paul Cezanne

Bather and Rocks

Claude Monet

View of Vernon

Henri Laurens

The Bather

Edward Hopper

New York Pavements.. Hopper grew up an hour north of New York City, in Nyack, New York. For Hopper fans this is a must see with a homegrown museum and much of the town reproduced in his work.

Roman Bronze Works, 1921

Reclining Nude

George Barque

The Pink Tablecloth

Kees vonDongen

Femme du Monde

Susan Watkins


Enjoy the visit..

You never know what you may find..

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