Retailers: Protect your workers

Just got off the phone with my daughter. As an event planner who works with film and music festivals all her gigs have been cancelled for the next 6 months. She has taken a job as a cashier in an Austin, Texas liquor store. Texas is a work to rule state meaning workers have no rights, however, she is grateful for her $11. hour, non-benefit job.

The store is supplying hand sanitizer and gloves but there is no plastic protection between the client and herself. At all 7-11’s, bodegas, and gas stations in most parts of the country this protection has been implemented to protect their workers.

As our conversation continued she mentioned the wealthy, older male customers who leer at her, ask her for a date, and offer lewd comments while getting much too close. One can tell they are wealthy by the clothing, cars, and color of their charge card as they buy hundreds of dollars of booze. This store is located in an extremely affluent Austin neighborhood.

Asking her female manager who has worked for the company for 10 years for this protection has fallen on deaf ears. The manager has asked her bosses, however, the ask has fallen on deaf ears. What if she gets corona from these vile customers? Who will pay for the medical bills?

And to this liquor store chain, man up and stand up for your workers.

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