Lock Down Week #2

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Wow! This week has gone by fast. And who thought all this lying around looking at television with nothing to do would go slow??? However, while watching the boob tube are you munching away???? Here’s some ideas on low cal somewhat nutritious munchies.

Stock the frig with the following items:

  • Low calorie jello – with a dab of cool whip 30 calories.
  • Popcorn – no butter, air popped.
  • Fruit – still has calories but no fat.
  • Water with a splash of fruit juice. Drink lots of water.
  • Vegetables – keep bags of carrots, cut up celery.
  • If you must have chips read the labels and go for the brand that gives the most bang for your buck – meaning the one who gives the greatest amount for the least calories.
  • Ice cream in small cups – 100 calories and if you must have more McDonald’s ice cream cones are 130 calories.
  • Suck on ice.
  • Distract yourself. Get up and take a walk – being socially distant of course.
  • Call a friend. Get a buddy support group going. It’s easier to loose weight if you have a buddy. They keep you honest.

The Notebook Method

This week I tried something in an effort to get those last 10 pounds off and it is working. Bought a notebook and write down everything I eat before I eat it. For snackers or pickers it’s amazing to see how those calories add up when you eat this way. Remember: To make it work write it down.

And while tracking calories I added a column for money spent. Isn’t it funny how those columns are linked? Stress eating.

Well, hope I’ve given you some food for thought. Ugh! I can hear the groans now.

Next week: U Tube Music

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