Lock Down Week #3

Have discovered u tube music sites this week. Besides jazz, rock, and classical there is music for specific themes and life needs:

  • work, workplace, working out
  • for students,
  • for artists,
  • for concentration,
  • for sleep,
  • for depression,
  • to be happy..

Try any keyword and listen to what arises. Keep the music going during Pandemic as the mind likes to be active. It’s a distraction.

Free movies – for those not keyed into Netflix or Amazon, try Vudu.com. The movies may have commercials but there are many free ones.

For theater buffs there is much on the Playbill.com web site. Check it out and catch a Broadway show.

If you donate to PBS.org the Passport venue is available to you. This has All Shows PBS and it is a fascinating collection. Not a member – give a donation and get hooked on to this site. It has much for all ages and you’ll always learn something on PBS.

Want a moment of calm? Check out http://www.savetheredwoods.org It will do the trick.


Next week: Let’s exercise

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