China Fess Up

When reading the information about the Chinese death toll from the coronavirus I shake my head. This information does not equate. How can 1.8 billion people have 4632 deaths from this Virus? When visiting China 3 years ago a tour guide stated there were 450 weekly deaths from respiratory ailments.

Another concern is why western investigative reporters were removed from the country. And now all scientific data regarding the Virus is being reviewed by their government prior to publication. Cover up? Yes, to put it mildly.

Right now we need China for the PPE, (Personal Protective Equipment), they provide, so this writing is not done to create a rift. If you have read my blog I am a nurse, and we need them desperately. However, going forward globally we need to share accurate information to move closer to answers and hopefully a cure for this Pandemic.

We are all in this together on this one.

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