Misty Copeland

Misty Copeland is an American ballet dancer for the American Ballet Company, (ABT). In 2015 she became the ABT’s first American American principal dancer in their 75 year history.

Ms. Copeland was born in 1982 to a single mother. While on a drill team in junior high her talents were noticed by her coach. At 13, while a bit late to begin ballet training, she started serious dance training. By 15 she had won first prize in the ballet category at the Los Angeles Music Spotlight Awards. From there she won a full summer scholarship to the San Francisco Ballet.

While other personal problems rose she overcame them and eventually joined the ABT in 2001 and in 2007 became a female soloist. While Misty’s body type was more full figured and skin color darker she was able to rise due to her exceptional skill.

Misty continues to motivate young woman of all colors with her positive attitude. She is an inspiration to all. To learn more of her life read her autobiography:

“Belonging shouldn’t mean you are like everyone else.” -Misty Copeland

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