Great Smoky Mountains

At the 2020 Hampton Quilt Show there was a display of quilts depicting our beautiful National Parks. For the next 5 few weeks I will be showcasing these quilts and describing the Park the quilt is based on. Sadly, I did not capture all the creators of these works of arts so please forgive.

by Mary Ellen Hardin Simmons

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is shared by the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. It encompasses 522,419 acres had 11 million visitors in 2018. It is our most visited national park.

Besides being a national park the park also holds the honor of being a Worldwide Unesco site. President Franklin Delano welcomed the park into the National Park System in 1940.

The Park has numerous trails, challenging climbs, and scenic drives. Visit the following web site prior to visit:

And start your tour at the Sugarland Visitor Center.


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