Cabin Fever Cooking

This week I cabin fever cooked. While it wasn’t actually all cooking it was something being done in the kitchen. Since I am addicted to watermelon juice I purchased 6 mini melons and began production. This production is serious and translates into 30 or more plastic containers being filled and frozen.

While doing this I discovered a new friend, no not Mike Pence or Donald Trump as seen on my laptop but John Oliver. Though I don’t like Brits demeaning our government, even though it is crazed, John Oliver is okay since he became an American last month. Why he selected to do this I will never know. If I was he, I would loudly say, “NOOO…,” however he has been working on this for over 10 years and the time had come. He is amazingly funny and I now have 2 funny guys in my repertoire, Stephen and John.

Back to watermelon juice production. Here’s the final step filling the cups for work. The smaller containers are already stashed.

Next was peanut butter production. Since the recipe has been given before in former blogs there is no need to repeat. The new blender (Oster, no monetary reward received), works swimmingly. And I now have 10 containers of peanut butter in the frig.

Oatmeal was another item on the list to be made. Using an enormous pot I add nuts, rose petals, (make sure no insecticide on the petals), dark chocolate, nuts, cinnamon, blueberry/strawberry mix, and milk to the oatmeal.

The final items on the cooking frenzy list was brussel sprouts with bacon and fish dishes. All set for almost a month at least for breakfast. 🙂

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

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