Making PB & J the Kathleen Way or Quarantine Ennui..

For a little fun and a blog filler I am throwing in this blog. This would be good for the young’ens looking for something to do and learn. Have them make their own lunch.

Start with a toaster

Check to see you have all the ingredients

Put the bread in the toaster

And push the toaster lever

Once the toast is up add peanut butter and jelly

Apply the top layer of bread and cut in half, if desired.

And voila you have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

No, this is actually a ballerina from the American Ballet Company but couldn’t resist.* Can’t wait till New York City gets healed.

Hope you got a laugh from my Quarantine Ennui Blog.

*From a Met fundraiser email. The Met is closed through July with a $100 million shortfall. Give a donation ,if you can.

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