Future Son-in-Law Arrival??

Today my daughter and her latest beau are arriving for a visit and I am nervous. Probably not as nervous as he is, but still so. They met while working at Sundance, thank you Robert Redford. It started slowly when the third person from their outing was unable to attend and the trio became a duo.

No, he isn’t a Mormon but that would be fine. She is 37, and any guy that is breathing, within reason, would be acceptable at this point as I want her to settle down. That mother of the bride dress in my closet is acquiring mildew as I write.

My daughter visited his Midwestern family home a few months ago. They are into memories and even have a Christmas room. Anyone who knows me realizes I toss anything over a week old.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The visit is 4 days. Will keep you posted.

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