Madame Curie

This amazing scientist was Polish born living from 1867-1934. Her parents were teachers with her father a teacher of math and physics. She studied in Poland however because she was a female was unable to attend the University of Warsaw during this time period.

Having a bright and intelligent mind she worked as a tutor and governess reading of physics and chemistry until she obtained sufficient funds to continue her education abroad. Once funds were obtained she applied and was accepted at the Sorbonne in Paris. Here she obtained a Masters in Physics, (1893), and a Masters in Math, (1894).

In France she began her work in radioactive elements which helped contribute to the fight against cancer. Her husband joined her in her research and she was the first female to win the Nobel Prize. Her first Nobel Prize was in physics with her second Nobel Prize in chemistry. The second Nobel Prize was earned in concert with her husband.

She discovered the element Polonium, naming it for her native Poland, however at this time she had become a French citizen. Later she developed x-rays and sadly died due to exposure to these elements.

Her work is recognized daily and world-wide. She is considered one of the world’s most famous scientists.

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