Groupon and now Yahoo

Just spent an hour with Groupon trying to use their customer service and figure out Groupon bucks. While I write extensive messages to the service after unhelpful customer support nothing will change. I am the idiot to continue using them. Then I look at their stock prices and see what they are worth. Last year it was over $3 a share and now $1.

Next I get a message from Yahoo saying they are saving me 10% on a service I was paying $3.49 a month for which they are increasing to $4.49 a month. I’m not good on Math but doing these figures, Yahoo you are increasing the service 10% a month. I tried to write to customer service but it all somehow disappeared.

It’s another miserable Florida rainy day … will spend hours trying to figure out how to notify discontinuation of services. They ask for a screenshot. What the hell is that? In the future I’m sure I won’t know how to make a phone call.. Oh wait, that already has happened.

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