Remember George..

I am de-plugging after writing this post. The events of the last two weeks have been challenging on this old lady. It takes a toll.

Today the television, phone, and computer will be unplugged. I will read a book, watch the torrential downpours of the latest Florida tropical storm and try not to think, but how can you not?.

As a health care person I have known all my life Black Lives Matter working with brilliant nurses and physicians. But then there are those friendly folk throughout the day who make our lives possible. In this vein I recall the many black men who helped me with unruly suitcases as I navigated NYC subways. Never once did a white man offer assistance.

So today let’s attempt to aim at peace and fairness with all those we encounter and carry those sentiments forward. It all starts with one person. This time it started this time with George Floyd. God, rest his soul. I am sure he is in Heaven..

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