Norah O’Donnell

This American television journalist is an Aquarius. Females falling under this sign are glamorous and have perspective with a hint of rebellion. As Norah anchors the CBS Evening News she radiates these characteristics. Brought on in 2019 to raise CBS ratings from the #3 spot, she has succeeded. Interviewing scientists and physicians knowledgeable of the Pandemic during her nightly news broadcast has made America turn on to this trusted female journalist.

Born in Washington D.C., to a military family, she was educated at Georgetown University. She is married to a restaurant owner and chef, Geoff Tracy. They have 3 children.

An old school journalist whose role model is Walter Cronkite, Nora reads 6 newspapers daily. She doesn’t give opinions or share anecdotes on Twitter. While in 2019 50% of America got their news from social media Norah states,

“Social media is driven by an algorithm. It learns what you like and feeds it back to you. It reinforces our political beliefs, CBS Evening News is not driven by an algorithm.”

Something to think about. Thanks, Norah.

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