Dr. Jill Biden

Jill Biden is the wife of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden. She is an American educator with a long history of teaching English, reading, and writing at the high school and college level. Born in New Jersey, she grew up in Pennsylvania, marrying Joe Biden 5 years after he tragically lost his wife and child in a car accident. She became stepmother to his sons Hunter, and the late Beau Biden. Together they had a daughter Ashley in 1981.

She has many degrees in education with her PhD from the University of Delaware. Her dissertation concerned student retention in community college.

As Second Lady during the Obama administration Jill worked with the First Lady on issues related to military families. On the home front of Delaware Mrs. Biden has two initiatives:

  • Book Binders which provides books for low income children in Delaware, and
  • Biden Breast Health Initiative which educates Delaware women on breast health awareness.

Jill continued to teach during her tenure as Second Lady, however has taken a leave of absence from her current professorship to assist with the campaign.

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