Danielle Steel

This gal is a New York born, California based writer of primarily romance novels with almost 200 books penned. Having sold over 800 million books she continues to write at 72 years of age. Her books have been adapted for television and into 43 languages. She is the fourth best selling fiction writer of all time.

Steel was born into a privileged family with her father a German descendant of the Lowenbrau beer family and her mother from a Portuguese family of diplomats. They divorced and her father raised her. She rarely saw her mother, however her life was filled with elegance, rank and distinction afforded to the affluent.

As a young child she began writing poetry and short stories, however studied design in college. Later taking a job at Ladies Home Journal an editor encouraged her to continue to write and that she did with much acclaim.

“Sometimes, if you aren’t sure about something, you have to just jump off the bridge and grow wings on your way down.” -Danielle Steel

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