Barbra Streisand

Barbara (Barbra) Joan Streisand is a singer, actress, and film maker who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Upon completing high school she began her career as a cabaret singer in Manhattan. This eventually lead to a record contract and the rest is history.

She has recorded close to 40 albums and at 78 years old continues to be involved in community endeavors. Active on Twitter she remains close to the Clinton family and is working to defeat Donald Trump in the next election.

Married twice she has a son from her first husband, Elliot Gould. In her current marriage to James Brolin they have been together over 20 years and in interviews he has stated being married to Barbra is like being in Heaven.

Her accolades include 2 Academy Awards, several Golden Globes, and Grammy Awards, as well as a 2008 Kennedy Center Honors.

See girls, we can have it all.

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