Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is an American icon. She is a business woman, author, magazine owner, talk show host, actress, and philanthropist. She began life in Mississippi born to a single mom. Blessed with a curious nature and desire to learn she read every book in her community library!

Graduating from Tennessee State University, she later joined a local Nashville television station as anchor, then moved to a Baltimore station. In 1984 she was tapped for a Chicago morning show with low ratings. Her efforts made it the highest rated local program which later became The Oprah Winfrey Show running from 1986-2011.

In her lifetime it has been estimated that Oprah has interviewed over 37,000 people. Here is a paraphrased listing of her recipe for interview success:

  • Listen three times more than you talk.
  • Spotlight on the individual being interviewed.
  • Put away all your “stuff,” and focus to get a connection.

Gayle King

Gayle is an American television personality, author, and editor at large for Oprah Magazine. Her current day job is CBS This Morning where she has been since 2012, the year it debuted.

From a military family Gayle was born in Maryland but spent many years in Turkey. She attended the University of Maryland graduating with a degree in psychology and sociology. From there began work as a production assistant with a Baltimore television station. It was there she met Oprah, who later became her life long best friend.

She later moved into a news anchor position in Kansas City, Missouri, and has worked in radio as well. In April 2020, she began a new radio show where people call in to discuss how they are coping in light of the Pandemic.

Gayle is divorced and has 2 children. She resides in New York City.