Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Warhol Museum

Had not been to Pittsburgh in 35 years and what a surprise I found in this fetching, regentrified City.

The skyline upon entry..

Then passing through the golden bridges to the Andy Warhol Museum.

This Museum was phenomenal. It traces Warhol’s journey from childhood through his years as a medical illustrator,

to his Bonwit Teller window dress designer, and Christmas card designer era,

then transitioning to silk screen artist

to the world famous.

And who can ever forget these iconic pics..

Besides art, the Museum holds much on Warhol’s Indie film work. But to really get a feel for the man take time to watch the Museum film of Warhol’s life where his brother speaks about him.

An exceptional Museum, one of my all time favorites portraying a very complex and gifted man.

A must see when visiting Pittsburgh.

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