The Maryland Visit: The Casselman Inn

Driving north on 79 out of West Virginia is quite a site and taking the turn east on 68 is even more captivating with the pasturelands of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

And another view..

Then I came across The Casselman Inn of Grantsville, Maryland.

This historic Inn has been around forever. Rooms are available for a meager price in the Inn and having stayed over it is one remarkable and restful experience. They also have a motel round the corner for those enjoying a more modern overnight.

And then there is the gardens..

And of course the food, not to mention the delicious baked goods..

Eaten in a historic setting..

Across the street is a former school which is now a second hand store beyond compare. Also in the building is an amazing fabric and quilt shop.

Then follow the signs to Salisbury past the Mason Dixon line to find a beckoning cow..

which leads you to the Salisbury Cheese Shop..

And further down the road the most fascinating place of all…

Here you can find an array of all kinds of items for the buggy..

And you may even come across a wee little Amish gal who keeps looking at you wondering what you are doing there…

Then stop by and say hello to her ride..

As you drive down the road there are farmhouses selling eggs, vegetables, and even honey at great prices. The Whispering Pines Furniture Shop has Amish furniture, a tasty small restaurant, and many other delicacies. Across the street from the Whispering Pines is an Amish farm vegetable stand with authentic baked goods and a variety of soups, jellies, and relishes. Their apple dumplings are the best I’ve ever had.. YUM!

My, how I am going to miss this spot.

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