Polymath Park

A short jaunt from Falling Waters is Polymath Park. Here an industrious group of folks have relocated 6 Frank Lloyd Wright homes from all areas of the country to a natural setting in rural Pennsylvania. I was ecstatic to come across this find and even more ecstatic to obtain tickets on short notice.

The tour began at the Treetops Restaurant. Besides the ticket office for the venue this building houses a restaurant with an exquisite dining experience. Food is tasty and the setting bewitching. The owner has crafted unique pod settings for dining enjoyment and even the bathrooms have a FLW design with falling water faucets.

The homes are open to the public and are available for overnight stays. Contact PolymathPark.com or 1-877-833-STAY for specifics. Plans are also underway for architectural students to study and probe the design features of the homes. What innovation resides here!

One of the homes viewed was the Lindholm House with its many angles.

Then the interior.

And other beauties..

What a phenomenal tour!

And this site will be featured on a CBS Sunday Morning segment in the 2021 season.

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