Adaland Mansion

The refurbishing and renovation of this lovely, historic property came about through the efforts of a small group of local retirees and their efforts continue. It is an act of love which continues in Philippi, West Virginia. The Mansion offers many events throughout the year to attract visitors to the site. Live theater with dinner, Sunday Buffet Dinners, High Tea, Yoga, Childrens Heritage Activities, Square dancing, as well as tours are available along with a summer Watercolor Art Show and Sale.

That said the history of the home begins..

In 1803 a European family, the Montesette’s, purchased 400 acres in West Virginia to begin their home in the Americas. They built a cabin and later crafted the home from 1868 to 1870. They later moved to Nebraska acquiring 30,000 acres and remained. Descendants are in contact with the Adaland Mansion Association and visit the property.

After the Monesette’s departure several different owners drifted through and in 1920 Judge Ira Robinson bought the property. When President Coolidge appointed him to operate the Radio Commission, which is now the FCC, he began working in Washington DC.

One of the homes bedrooms

The home again changed hands and was purchased by a coal company who left the home vacant for the next 20 years. It was during that time that the local group appproached the coal company with a plan for renovation. The coal company donated the home to the local retirees.

It is a beautiful site and perfect for weddings and other gatherings. Plans are currently underway for a limited Christmas viewing.

Contact can be made at or

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