Beverly, West Virginia

During the Civil War West Virginia was a Union state, however, not all citizens sided with the Union. That said, the Beverly Heritage Center provides a wealth of background into this Civil War Campaign with a wealth of exhibits and a walking tour. Contact the Center for specifics at or 1-800-422-3304.

Here is a sampling of the town’s historic buildings…

In this building mercantile interactions occurred.

A Bank from this early era remains.

This is the Laura Jackson Arnold house, sister of Confederate General Andrew Jackson. She opened her home and cared for Union soldiers. Many honors were given for her work.

This antique store adjacent to the visitor center has a fascinating collection of antiques. It also has writings on their walls from soldiers who had fought in the Civil War.

The Rich Mountain Battlefield

A fascinating site with amazing mountain views, however, if you undertake this journey make sure your car has good tires, brakes, and adequate gas. It is quite a climb.

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